Helsinki Salsa Academy (HSA) believes that to become a great dancer or a dance school requires team work. The HSA team work and partnership philosophy is based on the win-win concept. In other words, HSA believes that a positive synergy between partners can help both parties grow and develop so that the benefit created can actually be much larger than the sum of the parties individual parts.

Are you providing any type of products or services that could benefit dancers? Would you be interested working as a partner to HSA? Conctact us at or call +358.44.5480328. Let’s together make our visions a reality.

Local partners in Finland

Optimal performance

Biohacking Center Finland

Back On Track

Local dance schools: 

Tanssiklubi Master's        


Tango Pasional

Jazz Factory

Dance shoes and clothing: 

Suomen Tanssitarvikeliike         

(Use HSA discount code: 212 and receive a 5% discount on all regularly priced items)

Chiropractic services:

Suomen Kiropraktikkokeskus        

Relaxation & Recovery

Floating Helsinki        

Hoitola Tähtiolo        (Mention HSA)

Superfoods and energy:

Foodin        (Use code: HSA for a 10% discount) 


Fitness First         


International Partners & Schools we recommend

Tallinn, Estonia

Euphoria Dance Studio    

Tartu, Estonia

Tantsustuudio Latin Passion    

Stockholm, Sweden

Salsa Akademien    

Los Angeles, CA

Liz Lira Academy      

Washington, DC

DC Style Salsa Academy     

Oakland, CA

Salsamania Dance Company     

San Francisco, CA

Couture Dance Alliance     

International Salsa Festivals we recommend 


Hong Kong Salsa Festival,   Hong Kong


Tallinn Salsa Festival,   Tallinn, Estonia


Istanbul Salsa Festival,    Istanbul, Turkey


Salsa Beach Splash  , Sibenik, Croatia 


Berlin Salsa Congress  , Berlin, Germany


San Francisco Salsa Congress  , San Francisco, US