Sergey Belayev (Russia)

Sergey Belyaev is the head trainer and director of Tanssiklubi Master's, which is one of the largest ballroom dance schools in Finland. 

Liz Lira (Los Angeles)

Liz Lira, the "Rose of Salsa," was born in La Paz, Bolivia.

Liz has won numerous World Championships and national titles making her perhaps the most successful competitive salsa dancer of our times. Along with many competitions she frequently travels all over the world performing on the international stage. At home in Los Angeles, she also does commercials and music video appearances as well as choreograph for television and motion pictures (Like the Ugly Truth starring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl). Recently she has also been choreographing routines for the popular TV shows Dancing With The Stars (like the 1st place winners Mark & Shawn and Derek & Nicole) and So You Think You Can Dance. 

Davide Rumberito (Italy)


Davide is one of the most well-known talented younger afro-cuban dancers training and performing in Europe.