SUMMER 2018   

summer season: June 5th - July 24th

TUESDAY's - Etelä-haaga - @18:00 - 19:30



Improver training team is for more experienced salsa dance students who wish to train salsa in one of the more intensive HSA training teams. The team consists of talented and committed salsa students who have been training together between 1 – 3 years. The training consists of more advanced partnering, footwork, musicality, and technical concepts for salsa. All students in the team have demonstrated high level of commitment and good understanding of the HSA training philosophy.

If you consider yourself to be a talented dancer (for example, you have background in various other dances, including couple dances) and you consider yourself to work well in a cohesive team environment, you can audition directly to team through a private lesson (send an e-mail to 

The purpose of the private lesson is to develop your dancing skills and to create an individual training plan for you.

To develop a strong technical foundation for your salsa dancing we recommend new students to join our Novice or Beginner team. 

Summer 2018 training schedule: June 5th - July 24th

Intensive training dates: Tuesday's 18:00 - 19:30

5.6., 12.6., 19.6., 26.6., 3.7., 10.7., 17.7., 24.7. 

Total intensive training hours: 12hrs

Location: Helsinki Salsa Academy
Isonnevantie 16B, Etelä-Haaga


125e / Early-bird registration by April 30th

175e / Regular training fee


 Note: Registrations by Invitation only!

Note: Registrations by Invitation only!



*NOTE: HSA retains all rights to make changes to schedules, training teams, and locations. We also receive the right to make changes to our additional training policies at any time for any reason.  

Refund policy: No refunds. it is possible in some instances for the student to compensate miss rehearsals by attending the rehearsals of another training team.