FALL 2017



October 5th - November 30th


BEGINNER @ 17:30 - 18:45

IMRPOVER @ 18:45 - 20:00

Our HSA Drop-in classes combine different elements of Salsa and other Latin dances to form a challenging dance workout. These classes are solo classes. You do not need a partner to join.

The classes consist of various footwork patterns (or shines) and body movement. The classes will help you to develop your timing and rhythm, individual dance skills and the quality of your movements. These classes are meant to be high intensity, yet creating an encouraging and supporting learning environment to build your confidence and improve your dance skills. We recommend the beginner level for those just learning to dance and improvers level for more advanced dancers. These classes are open to everyone. You do not need to be an existing HSA training team student to attend. However, we recommend to combine these classes with our training team system.

The duration of each class is 75 minutes. The class begins with a 10 minute warm-up and continues with approx. 20 minutes of shines, footwork, musicality and styling practice. The last part of the class is non-stop energetic, fun, dynamic and powerful dancing. Different choreographies will be taught in each class, but the complexity and intensity will increase progressively based on students’ progress and level.


THURSDAY’S -  ETELÄ-HAAGA: Isonnevantie 16B

BEGINNER CLASS:  17:30 – 18:45

IMPROVER CLASS:  18:45 – 20:00


16€ / Onetime drop in class

75€ / HSA 5 x card

130€ / HSA 10 x card

(Registration is not required for these classes.)

Your instructor: Jharyis Boitel 

Your instructor: Jharyis Boitel